For many women, conceiving isn’t as straightforward as they hope. In certain cases, assisted reproduction treatments involving egg donation are the only solution to infertility. At ANC IVF, we understand that donating eggs is an act of solidarity—anonymous and voluntary.

What is the process?
The initial step is to complete the form on our website, after which we’ll arrange a first interview to address all your queries regarding egg donation.

Subsequently, you’ll have an informative visit to our center, where our medical team will elucidate the entire egg donation process and conduct a medical assessment.

The subsequent phase involves undergoing medical tests: a comprehensive gynecological examination, blood tests, and genetic analysis—all of which are free and invaluable for assessing your health. Additionally, you’ll meet with our psychologist and geneticist.

If all checks out, you can commence hormone treatment during your next menstrual cycle. We’ll provide you with the necessary medication and instructions for administration. Over 10-12 days, you’ll self-administer the medication, attending two control visits at our center.

Once the eggs are ready, we’ll proceed with ovarian puncture—an approximately 30-minute procedure performed under anesthetic sedation in the operating room.

To conclude the egg donation process, you’ll return to ANC IVF for a final check-up to ensure everything is in order.

Why choose ANC IVF?

  • 100% of donors recommend us, with 92% willing to donate eggs with us again.
  • We accompany you from the initial informative appointment.
  • We accommodate your schedule to ensure egg donation is convenient for you.
  • We’re readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Are you considering egg donation? Great decision, can we help you?