For single women unable to use their own eggs for various reasons, donor sharing treatment offers numerous benefits.

This treatment entails the shared use of eggs from a young donor, voluntarily and altruistically provided. The mature oocytes are then fertilized in the laboratory with donor sperm via traditional In Vitro Fertilization or ICSI. Each of the two recipients is guaranteed to obtain at least 1 blastocyst, a 5-day-old embryo with a high probability of successful implantation once transferred to the prepared uterus.

It’s important to distinguish egg donation from embryo donation. Embryo donation involves transferring cryopreserved embryos to the uterus of the recipient woman, donated by a couple or individual who, having fulfilled their desire for parenthood, relinquishes them for adoption.

Key differences between these treatments include:

  1. Egg donor sharing results in higher embryonic quality and lower genetic risk since gametes are sourced from young donors chosen specifically, rather than individuals initially experiencing infertility, who later donate their embryos post-pregnancy.
  2. Egg donor sharing allows for better consideration of phenotype compatibility compared to embryo donation, where physical characteristics of the embryo host cannot be selected once embryos are already formed and offered for adoption.
  3. Egg donor sharing helps minimize the number of surplus embryos that may need unnecessary cryopreservation. Typically, only 4 to 6 high-quality eggs are required to generate embryos capable of achieving pregnancy.

For single women, financial constraints often impede access to assisted reproduction treatment. Donor sharing can reduce overall treatment costs and shorten the duration of care.

CRA Barcelona successfully conducts shared egg donation treatments for single women seeking to build a family with dignity and confidentiality.

For more information on donor sharing, feel free to reach out to us.

22 Oca, 2024

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