Roughly 20% of couples aiming for pregnancy encounter difficulties in conceiving.

In many instances, these challenges stem from easily addressable factors. However, in some cases, they may result from more significant issues necessitating complex management or even resorting to sperm or egg donation.

Time proves to be a critical factor when addressing reproductive issues, as delays can diminish the likelihood of successful conception. Having a proficient team of specialists equipped with the requisite experience and resources is paramount to promptly identifying issues and implementing suitable solutions.

For couples engaging in regular unprotected intercourse for a year or longer without achieving pregnancy, undergoing a reproductive assessment is advisable, assuming there are no underlying medical conditions potentially impacting fertility.

This evaluation period should be shortened to no more than six months for couples where the woman is 36 years or older, experiences menstrual irregularities, or possesses a medical, surgical, or familial history linked to decreased fertility.

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